The Bitcoin Bank

Making Bitcoin Easy

Manage your money

Create multiple accounts

Create multiple accounts to suit your needs such as current, savings and business accounts.

Set spending budgets

Set monthly budgets for spending and view a summary of what you spend on, with notifications if you go over budget.

View latest transactions

View the latest transactions coming in and out of your accounts as well as any upcoming bills.

Joint accounts

Set up a joint account with your partner to share spending or save for something big.

Move money between your accounts

You can easily send money from any of your accounts to another.

24/7 support

BitSafe will be available and provide support in multiple languages.

Send Money easily

  • Instant, free transactions

    Send money to other BitSafe users instantly and with no fees.

  • Direct debits and recurring payments

    Setup recurring payments for subscriptions, bills or loan repayments.

  • Send overseas

    You can send to family and friends abroad instantly for free.

  • Wide variety of sending options

    You can send money to a phone number, email address, Bitcoin/crypto address or social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and Telegram.

Manage your crypto portfolio

  • Buy and sell cryptocurrency

    BitSafe users can buy and sell Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies using credit card or bank transfer.

  • Cryptocurrency exchange

    BitSafe will allow users to trade cryptocurrencies with each other using our exchange platform.

  • Multiple currency support

    Users can have different balances of the same cryptocurrency in multiple accounts. We will support the most popular cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Easy payments

  • Contactless payments

    The BitSafe app allows contactless payments on POS devices and phones via NFC

  • Spend overseas

    Spend with the BitSafe app overseas and we will manage the local exchange rate for you.

  • Bill payments

    BitSafe can convert your crypto and pay your FIAT bills.

  • BitSafe credit/debit card

    We will look to partner with card providers so users can withdraw funds from ATM’s or use their card to pay for goods and services.

More Features

Business accounts

  • Accept cryptocurrency payments
  • Merchant tools
  • Accounting software support


  • Two factor authentication and PIN access
  • Proof of solvency
  • Set spending limits